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Six Snack Merchandising Tips for More Sales

Posted on 26, Jul, 2022

Stocking your store with high-quality and delicious snacks is important, but nailing your presentation is equally important. Even the best snack assortment in town will see diminished sales if customers struggle to find their favorite products. On the flip-side, you can use methodical snack merchandising strategies to leverage impulse purchases and drive your candy sales higher than ever. Here are six tips to optimize your displays for more sales:

1. Pay attention to the latest trends.

Customers' tastes fluctuate from year-to-year. People get bored of their go-to products. The solution is to regularly introduce new and innovative products to catch their attention and break them out of their routine. Aim for fun and interesting flavors that pique their curiosity.

"Cashews, but dill-pickle-flavored?? I've never tried that before."

We recommend paying attention to the yearly Sweets & Snacks Expo, which is at the forefront of snacking trends. This year, they report that hot and spicy flavors are a major hit with customers.

2. Use data to your advantage.

Knowing your customers' habits and reacting strategically can launch sales. For example, the quick-selling products? Make sure you've got plenty in stock. No empty shelves here! The slow-moving products? Remove those from your set and replace with a hotter item.

Pay attention to customer purchasing habits. If you notice that customers frequently buy chocolate with their coffee, or trail mix with a Gatorade, then you can promote those products together.

3. Think outside the candy aisle.

Our goal here is impulse purchases. If candy is sequestered to its own aisle, then customers can very easily pass on by without a glance. Instead, place candy throughout the store: perimeter displays, end caps, and checkout counters. Bonus points if the candy is visible somewhere where a customer idles, such as the coffee station and soft drink fountain, while they're filling up their cups. A customer may be able to resist an impulse purchase the first time they see their favorite snack. But if they continue to see it and dwell on it, then they are much more likely to indulge.

4. Get creative with your displays.

An eye-catching display demands attention. How can you make your displays stand out?

Perhaps you post signage encouraging customers to try something new. (See Tip #1) Or perhaps the signage announces an irresistible promotion. 

Incorporate holiday decor with your seasonal products. Maybe the candy corn isn't displayed in a regular bin, but in a jack-o-lantern. Perhaps the valentines candy treats are displayed with flowers and stuffed animals.

5. Make sure your displays are neat and organized.

This is perhaps the most simple tip on the list, but definitely the most essential. If customers can't find the specific product they're craving, it's an immediate lost sale. Avoid this by maintaining neat and orderly aisles. Have your employees check a couple times throughout the day and straighten up if necessary. Product should be in-stock, organized, and front-facing. Customers are much more likely to return to a store with a reputation for being clean and professional.

6. Promote your store brand with private label candy.

Customers love a dependable store brand. In fact, 91% of consumers agree that a good experience with store brand products makes them trust the store more. 

Cultivate customer loyalty with a well-rounded and high-quality private label set. Lehi Valley wholesale for convenience store is here to help you get started with our comprehensive snack and candy programs and innovative packaging solutions. Our professional design service team is ready to create a beautiful label, tailor fit to best represent your brand. Choose from a diverse range of snacks from trail mixes to popcorn to candy to our famous Golden Caramel Corn Nuggets!

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