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Order by 2/24/2023 | First Shipment 5/8/2023

Create new memories at any fair, party, outdoors gathering, or upcoming summer event by exploring our summer sweets and variety tray collection today. We offer several options in colored or themed combinations to bring along. Many of our seasonal items come in better-for-you options like free from 100+ unworthy ingredients and zero trans fat.

Open stock items will be available in our Tub 3 packaging and small/medium standard clear bag. For specifics please visit our Packaging Options page.

Summer Open Stock Items

summer gummy bear

Freedom Gummi Bears

Red, White & Blue Pretzels

Red, White & Blue Pretzels

snacks manufacturers

Gummi Freedom Rings

snack wholesale

Gummi Popsicles

private label gummies frogs

Tropical Frogs

private labeling food products

Gummi Turtles

Dorval Red and Blue Sour Belts

Red and Blue Sour Belts

Gummi Whales

Gummi Whales

Tropical Gummi Drops snack wholesalers

Tropical Gummi Drops

food private label

Raspberry Lemonade Candy Corn

Gummi Swirly Fish

Gummi Swirly Fish

Choose from over 50 seasonal varieties or 450+ products. View our full product guide (PDF, 316 KB) here.

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