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One of our missions at Lehi Valley Trading Company® is to provide you with innovative products that are great-tasting, fresh-made to order, and better-for-you. Our Products Innovation Team brings you a world of endless possibilities as we formulate new unique products or customized recipes just for you. We strive to introduce new customer favorites quarterly allowing our customers' inventory to stay fresh and keep up with the latest in consumer trends. Learn more about our NEWEST PRODUCTS below!

If you are new to Lehi Valley Trading Company® and would like to receive access to our wholesale customer exclusives, or simply have questions, please visit our contact page to get started today!

Gourmet flavor, artisan made blends

Our unique and delicious snack blends are made with our new GOURMET CANDIED NUTS. Each delectable blend has its own unique characteristics yet can retain its status as a nutritionally rich treat. A perfect snack for family or dinner party sharing.

Cherry Cocoa Almond Blend
Cherry chocolate like you’ve never seen before. Cocoa roasted almonds are handmade in fired kettles then blended with tart dried cherries and cranberries, semi-sweet chocolate chunks and rounded out with nutty pepitas.

Vanilla Cranberry Cashew Blend
Sweet and tart are the perfect sweethearts. Vanilla Cranberry Cashews are handmade in fired kettles then blended with tart dried cranberries, sweet diced coconut, fresh almonds and semi-sweet chocolate chunks.

Cocoa Coconut Almond Blend 
Tropical, sweet and so satisfying. Cocoa roasted almonds and cocoa coconut almonds are handmade in fired kettles then blended with sweet coconut chunks, rich and crunchy macadamia nuts and semisweet chocolate chunks.

Our gourmet blends can be offered as a program and are packaged in bags, tubs, car cups and bulk, depending on our retail client's needs. The SRP is typically $5.99-$7.99 for a medium-sized (9 oz. – 10 oz.) bag. The blends come branded as Lehi Valley Trading Company® in film bag option, Snackworthy® in clear packaging, and are open to Private Label unique designs.
Our various gourmet blend trail mixes displayed in their bags
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Perfect for indulging and social gatherings

Our new gourmet nuts are small batch roasted and carefully handcrafted to bring unique and unexpected bold flavors to our candied nuts collection.

Maple Bourbon Pecans 
These crunchy and fresh pecans are dipped in a sweet and buttery maple bourbon sauce with a hint of vanilla. The taste of bourbon becomes the highlight of this ultimate flavor making it a fine treat for any time of day.

Vanilla Cranberry Cashews 
Rich natural vanilla and cranberry seeds are layered onto fresh and crunchy cashews. The perfect berry-nut flavor ratio makes for a wonderfully addictive snack.

Cocoa Roasted Almonds
Fresh almonds are rolled on a sweet cocoa coating with a hint of vanilla and butter flavor. The homemade taste of chocolate makes it an irresistible sweet treat.

Ginger Citrus Almonds
Our fresh and crisp almonds are smoothly glazed with cool citrus flavors and a hint of ginger. Sweet ginger pieces are served with a hint of lime bringing you a very satisfying zing flavor. One isn’t enough!

Cocoa Coconut Almonds
The rich flavor of almonds draped with sweet chocolate and coconut coating will take your taste buds through a twirl of textures and sweet flavors.

Our various gourmet nuts displayed in their bags
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Family fun and holidays

A gourmet twist on an American snacking tradition for family or holiday gatherings. This specialty coated popcorn features delicious gourmet flavors your customers will want to share with others!

Caramel Cashew Crunch™
Calling all cashew lovers! This gourmet popcorn combines rich creamy caramel popcorn with the finest crunchy cashews. Enjoy it by the handful!

Butter Toffee Almond Crunch™
This delectable creation is full of almond enjoyment! The rich flavor and crunch of choice almonds combined with our all original scrumptious butter toffee coating make a completely delicious treat.

Cinnamon Roll Pecan Crunch™
Remember the good old days when your senses were overwhelmed by the entrancing scent and captivating taste of grandma's cinnamon rolls? This popcorn, with its sweet cinnamon flavor and glazed pecans, is sure to bring back those warm memories to your sweet tooth.

Macadamia Coconut Crunch™
For that secret coconut addiction you crave comes this hand-crafted blend of crunchy macadamias, tantalizing honey sweetened popcorn mixed with coconut. Just what the sweet-tooth ordered.

Our various gourmet popcorn flavors displayed in their bags
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Hispanic-inspired product line!

A line of delicious and high-quality Hispanic-inspired products all made fresh to order. Feature category top-selling and on-trend flavors with beautifully designed eye-catching labels. Our customers can select from a variety of colorful pre-labeled package sizes or a custom design under their own private label.

A dessert-inspired blend of salty peanuts, raw almonds and sweet and tart fruits.

Sweet and tart pineapple tidbits coated in Lehi Valley’s own picante chili lime seasoning.

Sour Power® Strawberry belts coated in Lehi Valley’s own picante chili lime seasoning.

Sweet mango spears coated in Lehi Valley’s own picante chili lime seasoning blend.

Our Delicias Gloria flavors displayed in their bags
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On-trend, health attributes, and exotic new flavors!

Refresh your trail mix selection with new on-trend options and offer your customers a wider variety of health attributes and flavors to choose from! 

Walnuts and almonds provide Omega-3 fatty acids in this mega delicious mix of walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, mango, and cranberries.

Flavorful Indian curry powder spices up this blend of pistachios, cashews, chickpeas and peanuts mixed with mango, coconut and raisins.

Full of antioxidant rich ingredients, this mix of walnuts, pecans, blueberries, cranberries, raisins and dark chocolate is berry delicious!

A totally raw and totally delicious mix of cashews, sunflower kernels, pepitas, almonds, currants and raisins.

Sweet mango, raisins and coconut are tossed with salty pistachios, cashews, chickpeas and peanuts then seasoned with Garam Masala for the perfectly exotic salty sweet trail mix experience.

Our new trail mixes displayed in their Snackworthy branded bags

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New flavors added to our best-selling product category!

Two new savory flavors join our best-selling and award-winning products line called Snackworthy® Simply Puffs®. Uniquely delicious, light and crispy corn puffs made with real aged white cheddar. They are gluten free, baked not fried, and Simply Free from 100+ Unworthy Ingredients - better for you, and better tasting!


These two flavor options join our original and already popular Butter Toffee, Cinnamon Roll, and Sea-Salted Caramel flavors.

Our new simply puffs flavors displayed in their Snackworthy branded bags
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