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Snack Trays

Bring variety to any special event or family gathering with this special selection of snack trays. We've done the homework for you and put together the very best in snack combinations to compliment any holiday event you may attend. We carry over twelve options of 10" trays, each featuring four unique items in seasonal or year-round availability.

Top 5 Best-Selling Options:

  • 1. Pecan Party Tray
  • 2. Chocolate Sophistication™
  • 3. Almond Favorites
  • 4. Nuts Galore™
  • 5. The Trail Mix Classic

Variety Trays

Pecan Party Tray

Pecan Party

Chocolate Sophistication Tray

Chocolate Sophistication™

Nuts Galore Tray

Nuts Galore™

Dried Fruits and Nuts Tray

Dried Fruits & Nuts Tray

Sweet Treats Tray

Sweet Treats Tray

Choose from over 50 seasonal varieties or 450+ products. View our full product guide (PDF, 316 KB) here.

Wasabi Peas

These crispy dried green peas are covered with a spicy wasabi flavored coating.

No Preservatives No Artificial Flavors Sodium Wise

Pecan Party Tray

A Pecan assortment for everyone-Butter Toffee, Chocolate, Praline and Roasted and Salted.

Chocolate Sophistication™

For the Chocolate Lovers - a mix of Milk and Dark Chocolate Favorites for any gathering.

Nuts Galore Tray™

A mix of all the popular nuts roasted and salted or with a little sweet.

Dried Fruits and Nuts Tray

Dried Fruits and a Mix of Nuts.

Sweet Treats Tray

A mix of everything from Yogurt to Chocolate to Butter Toffee to Pretzels.

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