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Car Cups

Our versatile Car Cups provide unique merchandising opportunities and boost sales by promoting impulse purchases and increasing basket size.
Made with high-quality Lehi Valley products, they are re-sealable to keep snacks fresh & eco-friendly with recyclable packaging.

70+ SKUs* to choose from including unique Lehi Valley manufactured items

  • Sweets: 22 great Sweet Treats; from Chocolates, Gummis, Jellys and Spicy Sweets.
  • Trail Mix: 10 top Trail Mixes; from Better For You, Indulgent and even Spicy.
  • Dried Fruits: 5 of our best-selling Dried Fruits that are great for snacking.
  • Nuts & Seeds: 15 of the top Nuts & Seeds offerings, available seasoned or raw.
  • Snacks: Assorted Snacks of all flavors and types; from crackers to pretzels that are sure to please.


Arizona Trail™

Sweet Energy Trail™

Spicy Ranch Party Mix

Yogurt Trail

Cinnamon Bears

Gummi Worms

Sour Power Quattro

Wax Bottles

Sun Sweetened Apricots

Honey Roast Almonds

Fire Bites

Yogurt Pretzels

Snackworthy® branded Car Cup Designs

Choose from over 50 seasonal varieties or 450+ products. View our full product guide (PDF, 316 KB) here.

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