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Our Brands

Option 1: Our in-house trusted brands are available to you.

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Lehi Valley Trading Company® Lehi Valley is where our company’s fruitful journey began. As the company grew, the trusted name also became its own product line brand. As our product offering has expanded, we have searched out the highest quality ingredients we can find, and in some cases, the best we can find means making it ourselves in made to order production lines. The Lehi Valley brand signifies high quality, made to order, unique product blends, and categories. It is one of the three branded options for your film bag programs.

Snackworthy® A signature brand of Lehi Valley Trading Company® featuring high quality and better-for-you snacking options, all packed fresh-to-order. At Snackworthy® we believe you shouldn't have to search for what makes your snack 'worthy of snacking'.

Here are some examples of how these brands are showcased on a label for bag, tub, tray, or car cup packaging.

wholesale vs private label nuts wholesale bulk nuts food private label manufacturers fruit and nut companies private label nuts wholesale nut company
Preprinted Pouch* Clear Pouch Tub
private labeling food products wholesale vs private label private label snack manufacturer gluten free manufacturer private label candy gourmet snacks wholesale
Clear Pillow Pack
Preprinted Pillow Pack*
Clear Uniform Bag

* Preprinted film minimum requirements apply.

Your Brand

your logo goes here wholesale vs private label

Option 2: We offer professional design services for any private label product.

Lehi Valley has been helping build store brands for over 25 years and we're ready to help create customer loyalty to your brand through our private labeling option. Our professional design service team will work with you to customize a beautiful label and ensure it truly represents your brand.

Here is a private label example on bag, tub, tray, or car cup packaging:

candy private label candy wholesalers usa wholesale vs private label snacks manufacturers manufacturer brand vs private label brand private label snacks
Preprinted Pouch* Clear Pouch Tub
food private label golden caramel corn nuggets chocolate private label convenience store items wholesale food private label wholesale vs private label
Clear Pillow Pack
Preprinted Pillow Pack*
Clear Uniform Bag

* Preprinted film minimum requirements apply.

We look forward to helping you bring your vision to life through our easy and personalized process!

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