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Consumers Relieve Stress with Salty Snacks


Posted on 30, Jun, 2016

Jalapeño Lime Nuts & Seeds are a sure fit for a salty and spicy snack option! 


Jalapeño Lime Nuts & Seeds are a sure fit for a salty and spicy snack option![/caption] 


A new Mintel survey indicates the number of consumers who turn to salty snacks to relieve stress has increased from 16% in 2015 to 62% in 2016!  With more Americans snacking more frequently, the way to get them to purchase your product is most influenced by new flavors (38%), spicy flavors (30%), and seasonal or limited edition flavors (22%) 

Amanda Topper, a Senior Food Analyst at Mintel, said, "Consumption of salty snacks is largely driven by emotion, including stress and boredom. Consumers are looking for ways to manage their wellbeing, and the impact of food on emotional and mental health is becoming more important. Our research reveals this is especially true among parents, with the majority agreeing that salty snacks relieve stress.  Not only do parents’ hectic lifestyles force them to snack while on the go, but the majority who buy salty snacks agree that snacking throughout the day is a healthy alternative to regular meals."  


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