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What's New for 2024 at Lehi Valley?

Posted on 28, Dec, 2023

One of our missions at Lehi Valley Trading Company® is to provide you with innovative products that are great-tasting, fresh-made to order, and better-for-you. Our Products Innovation Team brings you a world of endless possibilities as we formulate new unique products or customized recipes just for you.
We strive to introduce new customer favorites quarterly allowing our customers' inventory to stay fresh and keep up with the latest in consumer trends. If you are new to Lehi Valley Trading Company® and would like to receive access to our wholesale customer exclusives, or simply have questions, please visit our contact page to get started today!
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*NEW* Fuego Puffs

Our number one product line has a new flavor that appeals to the spicy palette in the same package size and branding as the rest of our line-up!                    
The puff and extruded snacks category increased by 16.2% from the past year, with an astounding total sales of $36.89 billion according to SWFB.

 Fuego Puffs

*NEW* Butter Rum Cashew Popcorn

With popcorn growth projected to be at $4.61 B by 2028, the trends driving this category are the health features, portability of the snack, and flavor innovation.                    
Our new Butter Rum Cashew offers the consumer another new taste to try.
Along with our other CRUNCH Popcorn line-up, these items have been reformulated and priced at lower cost for better impulse pricing.

Butter Rum Cashew Popcorn

*NEW* Honey BBQ Mix & Sizzling Sweet Snack Mix

A new flavor added to our popular trail and snack mix lineup is the Honey BBQ Mix.                    
Sweet, Tangy and Hot Flavors are the trend this year. Our Sizzling Sweet Mix is another great new item that meets that trend along with the Honey BBQ.

Honey BBQ Mix                                           

*NEW* Cracker Bites

"Tastewise reports that Social conversations about Oyster Crackers have increased by 22.28% over the past year and the fastest rising consumer need for Oyster Crackers is Snacking."                    
Introducing a new way to spice up your soup, salads, or just for snacking are two new snack cracker flavors: Fire Bites and Ranch Bites.


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