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Grain Free Granola Clusters

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Thanks to popular customer demand, our Product Innovation Team is currently perfecting delicious and unique Grain-Free Granola recipes.
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Why Grain Free?

Consumers are continually looking for ways to improve or maintain their health – especially when it comes to food.  One common trend is to remove highly processed and refined foods – the largest source of which often come from grains.  Grain free foods provide a more whole-food alternative to daily menu items like granola!  

Our grain free granola is a delicious swap for traditional grain-based granolas, and is a great option for breakfast, as a snack or as a dessert topper.  Delicious and easy to eat crunchy nut & seed clusters provide an excellent way for your customers to eat fewer grains.

Choose from over 25 live granola varieties or 450+ products. View our full product guide (PDF, 316 KB) here.

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