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Why You Should Choose Private Label

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Posted on 20, Jun, 2022

Convenience Store News shared an enlightening article about the "Four Reasons You Should Make the Jump Into Private Label", written by Renée M. Covino. They shared the results of a poll which showed that:

  • 91 percent of consumers agree that a good experience with store brand products makes them trust the store more;
  • 74 percent shop at a store specifically because of its store brands; and
  • 63 percent trust store brand products more than national brand products because store brands stand behind their products.

Younger generations in particular are inclined towards buying private label. According to a Cadent Consulting Group study, 54% of millennials make their retailer decisions based on the availability of a store brand. A study on consumer behavior following the coronavirus outbreak in the United States shows that 83% of Gen Z shoppers and 79% of millennial shoppers have purchased more store brand items than they had in the past.

Introducing a private label snacks program in your store is a great way establish a relationship with consumers and cultivate customer loyalty.

Lehi Valley is proud to offer a comprehensive snacks and candy private label program that consists of diverse options and innovative packaging solutions. Our professional design service team is ready to work with you to customize a beautiful label that perfectly represents your brand.

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