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Posted on 27, Jun, 2022

Spicy Flavors

Every year, the Sweets & Snacks Expo, hosted by the National Confectioners Association, is at the forefront of the candy and snacks rising trends. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the candy and snack industry has persisted by introducing innovative new products to appeal to consumers.

This year, spicy flavors are predicted to be a hot trend. (Pun definitely intended.)

Mega-spicy is a hot trend, with everything from potato chips to meat snacks to ready-to-eat popcorn adding a heavy dose of heat.

Source: Convenience Store News

How timely, because Lehi Valley is proud to present our freshly-reformulated Chili Lime Peanuts and Hot & Spicy Cashews, which are back and spicier than ever!

Chili Lime Peanuts

Spicy Cashews

If spicy isn't your cup of tea, keep an eye out for our brand new flavor line of nuts, Dill Pickle, releasing soon!

Check out our full selection of seasoned wholesale bulk nuts.

Clean Ingredients

Also spotted in the rising trends are Clean Ingredients as shoppers are increasingly interested in better-for-you products. When browsing Lehi Valley snack wholesale products, you'll sometimes notice that many of our snacks are indicated as "Free From," meaning free from 100+ unworthy ingredients like artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Lehi Valley strongly believes that the food you eat should be good for both body and soul.

Package Variety

Lastly, Convenience Store News suggests introducing Package Variety as a way to keep up with consumers' ever-changing snacking patterns. This includes both smaller pack sizes to appeal to customers looking for a quick snack, as well as large packs for those looking to stock up or share their favorite treats.

At Lehi Valley, we have a wide variety of innovate packaging specially designed for convenient and attractive merchandising displayers. Take a look at our full array of packaging options.

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