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New Snacks Alert - Exciting Habanero Corn Sticks Now Available in Wholesale


Posted on 26, Feb, 2023

New Snacks Alert - Exciting Habanero Corn Sticks Now Available in Wholesale

Looking for a way to spice up snack-time? Try wholesale habanero corn sticks and experience the delicious combination of crunchy, bold flavor. Perfect for parties, events and food services alike, these convenient snacks are sure to take snacking to the next level.

What Makes Habanero Corn Sticks special?

Habanero corn sticks are made from fresh corn, seasoned with a balance of spices, and baked to perfection for the ultimate in crunchy texture. Each stick is coated in a special blend of jalapeño chili pepper seasoning, giving it an unmistakable hit of heat and spice that’s perfect for bold food lovers. With these new snacks, you can enjoy an exciting and flavorful new option any time of day!

Spicy Habanero Corn Sticks Snacks Wholesale

How to Get Your Hands on Habanero Corn Sticks in Bulk.

If you’re looking to bring some heat to your snacking game, consider these new habanero corn sticks for your lineup today. 

Habanero Spicy Corn Sticks will be available to order on March 1st. Order at wholesale prices in any of our flexible packaging solutions or in bulk. Also choose from one of our signature brands, Lehi Valley and Snackworthy, or your own business's private label brand. Check out branding options here.

Download the Habanero Spicy Corn Sticks informational flyer here.

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