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Metro Racks are the Solution to Your Merchandizing Problem

Posted on 06, May, 2015

Double configuration Metro Rack 

Double configuration

Diagram of single rack Metro Rack 

Diagram of single rack

Key Benefits to the Metro Rack System

  • Great mobility–quickly move the rack to where the action is, especially for holidays and events
  • Shopable from all sides
  • Easy rotation, ordering
  • Low maintenance, with no solid shelves to collect dust
  • Racks hold full cases, so no back stock
  • With Lehi Valley's 650+ items, there are always items to rotate in and out of your sets, creating a fresh selection for customers
  • Rack is free with your first full fill order (21 cases per rack; offer only applies to full fill order of Tub size 3, 4 or 5)
  • Comes with easy to follow assembly instructions

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