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Introducing New Grain Free Granola

Posted on 27, Jan, 2020

Now introducing Grain Free Granola, a line of 3 delicious grain free granola cluster varieties, that are great by the bowlful, by the handful, as a topping or even as a dessert - available for order to retail customers today with a first ship date of 2/17/2020.

Consumers are continually looking for ways to improve or maintain their health – especially when it comes to food. One common trend is to remove highly processed and refined foods – the largest source of which come from grains.  Grain free foods provide a more whole-food alternative to daily menu items like granola!  According to the 2019 State of the Natural Industry from SPINS*, grain free products increased 76% to $271.5 million, with products featuring explicit grain free labeling growing by 158.8% to $28.5 million and grain free snacks growing 258.3% to $29.7 million. 

Our 3 varieties of nut-based granola clusters are all made with almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, sunflower kernels and flax seeds sweetened with honey and maple syrup.  They are all grain free, gluten free, and free from 100+ ingredients, including no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  The Original flavor is also Paleo Friendly.  Delicious and easy to eat crunchy nut & seed clusters provide an excellent way for your customers to eat fewer grains.

This line is currently available for private label in our Packaging and Branding Option 2 seen here.  Click here to download our full product flyer for more information.

How they came to be:

Many new item innovation ideas come from our employees, but just as many come from our owners.  After trying a few different brands of grain free granola available at their local retailers and not finding one they loved, they decided to try their hand at making their own.  After a few trial batches, and then some additional tweaks, our Original Grain Free Granola was born.  The Freeman family ate it daily – for breakfast, as a snack, and especially as a great summer dessert with fresh fruit and whipped cream.  They liked it so much they wanted to expand their flavor options by adding different add ins, creating Cranberry Grain Free Granola and Chocolate Coconut Grain Free Granola.  Not knowing if it was just a family favorite or if they’d really created a great new product, our new item team sampled and surveyed to find that it was just as popular with the rest of our staff as with the Freeman family!


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