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Industry News: Mondelēz State of Snacking 2021 Recap


Posted on 19, Apr, 2022

Mondelēz International released their 2021 Global Consumer Snacking Trends Study, known as their annual State of Snacking™ report. This insightful report includes Mondelēz International’s proprietary findings about snacking trends as they relate to the role snacking plays in consumers’ lives as well as consumer preferences and how they have changed since the 2020 report was released.

Some key findings are:

85% eat at least one snack for sustenance and one snack for indulgence each day

When looking for snacks for sustenance, “62% reported replacing at least one meal with a snack, even higher among Gen Z (75%) and millennials (69%)”, with snacking opportunities for sustenance falling earlier in the day – including before breakfast (28%), replacing breakfast (29%) and between breakfast and lunch (35%). And the #1 rising motivator for snack choices is “serving nutritional needs.”

Indulgent snacking is a must for nearly all snack consumers with nearly 80% of consumers agreeing that “some snacks should be just for enjoyment or satisfaction without worrying too much about nutrition (79%).” Snacking opportunities for indulgent snacks seem to hit later in the afternoon and evening – including between lunch and dinner (42%), as an after-dinner snack (38%) or a late-night snack (32%)

bulk raw almonds

Lehi Valley offers a wide variety of snacks to meet consumer demand for sustenance and indulgence like nuts & seeds, granola or trail mix for sustenance For example, nuts & seeds are a good source of plant protein and healthy fats, and can promote heart health, reduce the risk of diabetes and fight inflammation.

If you’re looking to add more indulgent snacks to your assortment, look no further than our top-selling Sweets category with gummi, jelly and nostalgic candies, or our chocolate and yogurt covered sweets and snacks. Our gourmet popcorns are another great option, especially seasonally, to add an indulgent and giftable sweet treat!

When it comes to helping consumers choose snacks that serve their nutritional needs, we offer the option of including nutritional call outs on both branded and private labels, so customers can make quick and informed decisions.

For expert help choosing products for your assortment, please reach out to Customer Service or your Sales Rep for suggestions and tips on how to optimize your snack assortment to meet consumers’ needs today!

More notable findings as broken into categories in the report are as follows:

  • The Expanded Role of Snacking
    • 79% of global consumers stated that their definition of a snack has evolved over the last 3 years
    • 86% feel it is important to have control of their snacking choices, such as portion sizes and ingredients
    • 64% prefer to eat many small meals throughout the day, as opposed to a few large ones
  • Permissible Indulgence
    • 80% of consumers are looking for snacks to improve physical and emotional health equally
    • 85% eat at least one snack for sustenance and one snack for indulgence each day
    • 88% feel a balanced diet can include a little indulgence
  • Contextual Commerce
    • 80% of snack buyers have omnichannel expectations, and expect to be able to buy the snacks they want whenever they want
    • More than half report shopping more using at least 3 emerging channels – such as delivery apps and direct to consumer websites
    • 55% say social media has inspired them to try a new snack in the last year
    • 82% of Gen Z snackers enjoy food content on social media, as do 62% of global consumers overall
  • Sustainable Snacking
    • #1 environmental impact on consumers’ food choices is availability of low waste packaging
    • 85% either buy or would like to buy snacks from companies that are working to offset their environmental impact

Click here to view the complete report.

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