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Holiday Decorating with Christmas Candy


Posted on 17, Aug, 2016


At Lehi Valley, we love the holidays! It’s one of our favorite times of year, because we get to spend cherished moments with our family and friends, creating memories that will last a lifetime. One cherished moment we enjoy is crafting unique holiday décor using our candy products. It’s fun, easy and a great way to bring the whole family together. Here are a few of our best ideas to inspire your creativity.


*shown here with Spearmint Leaves, we recommend using a similar candy[/caption]

Holiday Candy Wreath


• Fruit Slices - use green only (snack on the rest!) • Sour Patch Cherries • 12" styrofoam wreath form • Hot glue gun • Ribbon


Hot glue pieces of green Fruit Slices in two rows (with points facing in opposite directions) so that the whole styrofoam form is covered. Add an additional row of green Fruit Slices above to create dimension. Sprinkle red sour patch cherries throughout wreath (hot glue pieces). Finish with decorative ribbon and hang, or use as a centerpiece with candles or flowers/foliage.


*shown here with 5 Flavor Sour Jelly Belly® jelly beans, we recommend using a similar candy

Christmas Tree Topiaries

These fun and festive candy Christmas tree topiaries make great centerpieces. Display together or individually and use a simple base (such as silver candle holders pictured) to add dimension.

Peppermint Christmas Tree Topiary


• 16 0z Bob’s Sweet Stripe Mints® 

• Styrofoam cone (large) 

• Hot glue gun • Ribbon


Hot glue pieces of stripe mints candy onto styrofoam cone, so that the whole form is covered. Top tree with one remaining mint and finish with decorative ribbon. Display as centerpiece on table or mantle of fireplace.  

Candy Coated Christmas Tree


• 16 oz Jujyfruits 

• 16 oz Fruit Runts 

• 16 oz 49 Flavor Jelly Belly® 

• 1 styrofoam cone (small)


Hot glue the candies onto the cone in any type of pattern you wish, to create "strings" of candy decoration all around the tree.  

Coconut Chip Candy Christmas Tree Topiary


• 8 oz  Coconut Chips 

•16 oz 49 Flavor Jelly Belly®  (If you make the Candy Coated Christmas Tree, there will be plenty for this tree too.) 

• Styrofoam cone (large) 

• Decoration for tree topper (we used garland) 

• Hot glue gun


Hot glue pieces of Coconut Chips onto styrofoam cone (Tip: Pour coconut chips into large bowl and roll cone in bowl once hot glue is applied to cone), so that the whole form is covered. Press coconut chips down to insure they are adhered to styrofoam cone (Note: You may need to apply several layers of Coconut Chips so your tree looks “full”). Then sprinkle a few red and green jelly belly candy (add with hot glue to Coconut Chips) around styrofoam cone. Top tree with small decoration. Display as centerpiece on table or mantle of fireplace. 

*shown with Spearmint Leaves and Gummi Christmas Trees & Snowmen, we recommend using a similar candy 

*shown with Spearmint Leaves and Gummi Christmas Trees & Snowmen, we recommend using a similar candy

Candy “Kebab” Skewers


• 12 oz each Sour Power® Quattro® and Sour Power® Strawberry 

• 12 oz Cinnamon Bears 

• 12 oz Gummi Apple O’s

 • 12 oz Fruit Slices - red and green only 

• Pack of bamboo food skewers  


Creatively stack various candy types onto skewers and display on holiday plate or tray. (Tip: For the Sour Power® ribbons–fold the ends together to the middle then fold in half again, bringing the looped ends together to form a "bow" before you skewer.)    

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