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Halloween Party Tips & Tricks for Treats and Decorating

Posted on 17, Aug, 2016

We love Halloween! It’s the one day of the year when it’s totally acceptable for adults to be children and children to be sugar fiends. And on that festive note, here are some creative and creepy ideas that will make your bash monstrously successful, and all the main ingredients are available from Lehi Valley! 


Decorating with Treats


The House of Smiths makes devilishly creative labels for candy dishes that also serve as décor.  We're featuring Simply Yogurt Pretzels, but you can use these products to replicate their spread: 

Candy Corn

Gummi Apple O’s

Fuzzy Peaches

Ridgy-didge® Australian Liquorice  

Scary Selection of Snacks



Halloween Candy Skewers by Your Homebased Mom –Try this assortment:

Candy Corn, Orange Slices, Ridgy-didge® Australian Liquorice, Gummi Blue Sharks, Gummi Worms  

Cute and Gross


Pumpkin Poo from Somewhat Simple –Use our Spicy Cheese Nuggets   

Worm Infested Ice Cubes from Brit + Co –Dig up some Gummi Worms  

Just Gross

Almost Vegan in Paradise has a plant-based, and creepily real looking, execution for Stuffed Cockroaches –Make your roach bodies with Pitted Deglet Dates   Mmm, dried scabs!

Budget101.com –Pick Cherries or Cranberries

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