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Frighteningly Fantastic Halloween Cupcake Décor

Posted on 17, Aug, 2016

Halloween cupcakes decorated three ways: Skeletons, Wriggly Worms, and Witch Cauldrons! Customize with your favorite cake and frosting, then decorate with help from Lehi Valley. 


Who needs elaborate Halloween décor when you can have edible décor in the form of delicious and truly frightening Halloween Cupcakes? 


Lehi Valley Products you’ll need:

Simply Yogurt Pretzels

Gummi Worms

Gummi Blue Sharks

Licorice Pastels


Other Supplies:

Cupcakes of your choice

Vanilla Frosting

Chocolate Frosting

Halloween Sprinkles

Skewers or Lollipop Sticks

Black Writing Gel or Black Food Writer

Red Food Gel or Red Fruit Glaze

Brownies baked in cup or bowl shape


Skeleton Cupcakes

We used chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, keeping in the black and white skeleton theme!  Make sure you have a good amount of frosting for your skeleton to sit on. Once your cupcake is frosted, dip the edges in your choice of sprinkles. Then place a skewer or a lollipop stick into the cupcake.  Build your skeleton on the skewer by sliding 3 Simply Yogurt Pretzels  onto the skewer. Carefully cut the top of 2 pretzels off and use those as skeleton arms by sticking them in the top pretzel making the skeleton body. Finally, take your marshmallow and draw on a skeleton face.  We used black writing gel, but a food writer would also work well. Place the marshmallow on the top of the skewer and you’re all done! For extra sticking power, you can use a small amount of extra frosting to secure the pretzels to the skewer.


Inspired by: http://cookiesandcups.com/skeletons-and-scenes-from-a-playground/#_a5y_p=1002220


Wriggling Worm Cupcakes

We used chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for a really muddy look! These are also great filled with chocolate pudding, or your choice of filling. Frost your cupcakes and top with cookie crumbs. We left ours in larger pieces, but you can make them more finely ground to look like freshly dug earth. Place Gummi Worms on top to decorate. You can also cut the worms in half and stick them into the frosting to have worms coming up out of the ground!


Inspired by: http://insidebrucrewlife.com/2011/10/pudding-filled-dirt-cupcakes/


*shown here with Frogs, we recommend using Gummi Blue Sharks

Witch Cauldron Brownies

These are not technically a cupcake, but you could certainly use a nice firm cake for these too! Bake your favorite brownie recipe either in a bake a bowl pan, or in a well-greased muffin tin. If using a muffin tin, carefully indent the center of each brownie cup before it cools to create a cauldron bowl. We filled ours with whipped chocolate frosting, but you could also use chocolate mousse or any whipped filling of your choice! Top your frosting or mousse with Gummi Blue Sharks and Licorice Pastels, then drizzle with red food gel (you can also use strawberry or raspberry glaze for extra flavor). 


You can also decorate with:

Assorted Mini Swedish Fish

Assorted Sour Patch Kids


Inspired by: http://www.jadelouisedesigns.com/leaky-cauldron-brownies/

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