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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on 01, Apr, 2016

Our customers often have questions about Ice Packing and Holiday Pre-Order, so Customer Service created some FAQs to help you out!  For more information talk to a Customer Service Rep.  

Pre-Order Questions:

Q:  What is the pre-order deadline? 

A:  May 25, 2016

Q:  Do pre-orders have to equal or exceed the $250 minimum? 

A:  No. As pre-order ship dates get closer, customer service will contact you to see if you would like to add to your pre-order in order to save on shipping costs.

Q:  When will my Fall items be available to ship?  

A:  August 8, 2016

Q:  When will my Christmas items be available to ship?  

A:  September 12, 2016

Q:  When will I be charged for my pre-order items?  

A:  When the product ships

Q:  If I run out of product, am I able to re-order product after the deadline? 

A:  No, we pre-order everything by the end of May, so there will be no extra product.  Please plan accordingly. 

 Heat Sensitive Items/Ice Pack Questions:

Q:  Are there minimums for ordering heat sensitive items? 

A:  Yes - Bulk heat sensitive products have a 20-pound minimum. Packaged heat sensitive products have a 2 case minimum.

Q:  When is the best time to place an order with heat sensitive items / Does it take longer than the standard 5-7 business lead time for orders with ice packs to ship? 

A:  All orders, including heat sensitive products during summer months, will be subject to our standard 5-7 business day packaged lead time. However, heat sensitive products need to be shipped Mondays or Tuesdays to avoid sitting in a truck or warehouse over the weekend. Therefore, orders with heat sensitive products may be subject to slightly longer lead times. Mondays or Tuesdays are an ideal time to place packaged orders requiring ice packs if you are needing the order to ship in one week.

Q:  How long do ice packs last? 

A:  3 days

Q:  Can I order heat sensitive items if I am greater than a 3-day ship lane away from Arizona? 

A:  Yes, however, you have two options: 

a). Pay for expedited shipping for the order to arrive in 3 days, or within the time frame that the ice packs last

b.)  Email customerservice@lehivalley.com stating you are aware that ice packs only last 3 days, you are aware that your location is greater than a 3-day ship lane away from AZ, and that you take full responsibility should the product arrive melted.

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