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Boost Better-for-You Sales with Simple Merchandising Tricks

Posted on 04, Apr, 2018

According to two studies developed by the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), retailers can boost better-for-you product sales with two simple and low cost merchandising tricks: moving better-for-you items to the checkout area and calling attention to healthy attributes; and co-merchandising better-for-you items with traditional snack items. 

The first study, a partnership between NACS and the University of Utah, tested  "healthy checkouts" at University of Utah campus convenience stores.  They moved better-for-you items to front-end displays with signage to bring attention to the products and their nutritional benefits.  Across the board, they saw increased sales of better-for-you items.  They concluded that having better-for-you items close to registers helped customers more easily find the healthier snacks they were looking to purchase. 


The second study looked at better-for-you planograms, where better-for-you item planograms were co-merchandised in areas with traditional snacks.  The NACS study found sales of better-for-you items increased 34%! “Both the healthy checkout and better-for-you planogram tests showed that low-cost tactics can be implemented at convenience stores to grow sales of healthier foods. And, because most of these items were packaged and had a long shelf life, the tests also showed that success with selling packaged better-for-you items could be an affordable entry point and lead to a to a more robust fresh offer,” said NACS Director of Strategic Initiatives Carolyn Schnare. “What works in some stores may not work across all stores, but the success of these tests clearly shows that convenience stores can be a destination of choice for better-for-you items.”  




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