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Autumn Harvest Popcorn Wreath

Posted on 17, Aug, 2016

Fall has landed and it's time for sweaters, pumpkins and festive decorating! This crafty idea brings the colors of fall leaves to traditional seasonal decor: the wreath. And the fact that it's made with popcorn is as unique as it is deliciously festive.


You will need:

• 24 oz (or more) of Autumn Harvest Popcorn • 12" or larger, round face/flat back, white styrofoam wreath ring (available at craft and floral supply stores) • Hot glue gun and lots of glue • Newspapers • Approx. 1 yard of decorative ribbon  


• Spread out the newspaper on a large table to protect from glue. • Glue individual kernels of Autumn Harvest Popcorn onto the wreath ring, starting in the center of the ring and working out to the edges. • Try to make sure that you place different colored kernels next to each other for a more aesthetically pleasing result. • Continue until the whole ring is covered. • Run one end of ribbon through middle of wreath then tie both ends into a bow. • Hang on your wall, door or lay flat on a table to create a centerpiece (see below)



• Working with hot glue means lots of glue strings you will have to continually pull off of your project. Be patient, the end result is worth it. (And if you store the wreath safely, you can use it next year!) • Allow yourself one and a half to two hours for this craft.

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