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6 New Trails & Spicy Gummis for Delicias Gloria

Posted on 27, Jan, 2020

Introducing an extension to our “Delicias Gloria” product line.  Our 3 new trail mixes and 3 new spicy gummis are just as addictively spicy and sweet as the rest of the line – available for order to retail customers today.

With the US Hispanic population expected to reach 106 million by 2050 and their buying power already having reached $1.7 trillion and growing, the market for spicy snacks and authentic Hispanic flavors is heating up.  In addition, over the past 2 years America’s confectioners collectively got the hots for spicy candy, snacks, and culturally-inspired flavors.  So, what makes Lehi Valley’s new trail mixes and spicy candy unique?  Most importantly, they were all made by some of our own employees who know and understand what authentic Hispanic products should taste like.  The flavors and inspirations are all true favorites, and so the products resonate with customers and drive repeat sales.  In addition, with growing demand for spicy snacks across the broader snack category, the ability to cross merchandize will drive more snack sales.

Tropical Heat Trail - This sweet heat trail mix is a blend of freshly roasted and seasoned Chili Lime Peanuts and Almonds, mixed with crunchy pepitas and sweet and chewy diced pineapple and mango tossed with a hint of chili and lime.

Mangonada Trail – inspired by the famous Mexican fruit drink, this spicy sweet trail full of Mango is seasoned with our own chamoy seasoning blend.

Spicy Ranch Party Mix – It’s definitely spicy! Full of crunchy, delicious and hot nuts and snack items, including Churritos and Ranch Toasted Corn.

Spicy Apple O’s – Fruity sweet gummi apple rings coated in our own picante chili lime seasoning.

Spicy Peach Rings – Sweet and chewy peach rings coated in our own picante chili lime seasoning.

Spicy Mango Sour Belts – Sour Power® Mango belts coated in our own picante chili lime seasoning.

Delicias Gloria Program

The full Delicias Gloria product selection features authentic Hispanic snacks in category top-selling and on-trend flavors across the following categories:

Sweets, Dried Fruit, Trails, Snacks, and Nuts

Our Marketing team worked to ensure the packaging well represented and paid homage to Hispanic heritage. The eye-catching labels draw inspiration from colorful Mexican embroidery and Talavera Hispanic designs, and feature product names in both Spanish and English.

This line comes in a variety of colorful pre-labeled package sizes and is also available to our retail customers under their own private label. Click here to download our full product flyer for the full product assortment and more information on packaging options.

To order, contact a Lehi Valley Representative today!

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