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15 Creative Valentine’s Day Candy and Chocolate Gift Ideas

Posted on 05, Feb, 2018

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, do you know what you are going to get for your sweetheart? Don’t settle on a generic box of assorted chocolates or pre-made candy bouquet, but rather put your own special touch on a treat that will warm the heart of your special someone. 


Whether your Valentine is health-conscious, a chocoholic or has an insatiable sweet tooth, you’re sure to find something to suit their tastes among our collection of creative treats. 

A Chocoholic’s Dream

Valentine’s Day and chocolate go together like strawberries and cream – you can have one without the other, but they’re just so much better together. When you want to express your love, however, not just any chocolate will do. Create your own custom box of chocolates with all of your sweetheart’s favorites and pick out several different pairings to turn your next date night into a fun tasting event! Chocolate pairs famously well with wine but can be paired with just about anything, including balsamic vinegar, meat and seafood, potato chips, chilies, honey, and bacon. Other traditional pairings often include fruit, caramel, mint, peanut butter, coffee, pretzels, and cheese. If you crave even more chocolate, then check out these fun facts and unique chocolate pairings. 


Nuts About Valentine’s Day

We all love chocolate but we must confess that it just goes better with nuts. There is just something irresistible about the smooth, crunchy pairing of nuts and chocolate. Create a Valentine Chocolate Nut Box with milk chocolate pecans, milk and dark chocolate almonds, milk chocolate cashews, dark chocolate pistachios, and chocolate-covered peanuts. These delectable chocolate-covered nuts are sure to please the chocolate-lover in your life!  But chocolate-covered nuts aren’t the only treat worthy of your Valentine: we’re as nuts about our assortment of salty, sweet, and spicy nuts as you are about your sweetheart!     

Better-for-You Snack Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If your sweetheart loves better-for-you snacks, consider gifting some trail mix full of dried fruits, chocolates, nuts, or other yummy treats.  With 30 varieties of trail mix, there’s no doubt you’ll find more than enough to treat your Valentine.  

Our Favorite Trail Mixes for Valentine’s Day:

1. Antioxidant Trail – We bring you a winning combination packed with antioxidant rich superfruits and nuts. Raisins, cranberries, blueberries, raw almonds, pistachio kernels and what brings it all together: dark chocolate pomegranate arils. 

2. Tropical Paradise Trail™ – Maybe you long for a little less trail and a lot more R&R! This mix consists of papaya chunks, pineapple tidbits, mango spears, banana chips, thick coconut chips, kiwi slices and whole roasted macadamia nuts. Hello tropics!   

3. Simply Chocolate Trail – A delicious mix of regular and chocolate covered raisins, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, chocolate stars, peanuts and almonds.   

4. Simply Black Forest Trail™ – Taking after its namesake cake, our Simply Black Forest Trail is a rich and indulgent combination of Cherries and Dark Chocolate Chips, plus a few more sweet and crunchy treats like our Kettle Sweet Peanuts™, Chocolate Raisins, Bavarian Almonds, Pepitas, and Raisins. Without any artificial ingredients or preservatives you can indulge without any guilt!   

5. Rainbow Bridge Trail™ – Like the awe-inspiring natural wonder itself, this mix is as colorful as it is delicious. We take rich and creamy yogurt covered peanuts and almonds and combine them with strawberry yogurt raisins, chocolate buttons, raisins and roasted and salted peanuts. A mix created to stand the test of time!   

6.  Sweet Energy Trail™ - We've created the ultimate trail mix for a sweet tooth! This mix is packed with Butter Toffee Mixed Nuts, chocolate buttons, raisins and almonds. And anyone else in the mood for a "sweet energy" boost?     Make this year extra special with the right assortment of sweet treats to share with your sweetheart. Whether you’re planning on a romantic evening for two or a Valentine’s Day party among friends, we have the perfect selection for you.

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